Automation Service

Automation Services

Our way to deal with security organization and robotization influences and expands upon experience picked up by working with multiple customers.
We start by understanding your one of a kind situation to enable you to distinguish the correct procedures and proper mechanization required to have an effect through arrangement.
In light of your products, innovations, procedures, and inclinations we send a lot of focused Playbooks to automate processes over your environment and lessen manual advances that your teams conduct today.
Playbooks are based on the most predominant discoveries dependent on our broad experience.

Broad Detection Coverage

Includes Malware, Exploit Attempt, Credential Compromise, Recon Scan, DoS Mitigation, Brute Force Attempt, and many others.

Connectors to Common Tools

Through partnerships and our own technology we connect to your tools such as Endpoint, Network, or Workflow.

You Approve, Then We Move

With your endorsement we quicken the way toward researching, approving, containing, and annihilating the most effective security episodes.