The market requires businesses to be agile models that are fully prepared to meet the needs of its customers in real time and capitalize on market opportunities while ensuring costs are at its lowest and productivity at its highest. Traditional IT systems are often unsuccessful in achieving optimum business mobility as they are highly focused on multiple assets, infrastructure based processes instead of operational and service based approaches. Cloud-based models on the other hand are automated, virtual and highly secure converged infrastructure systems that are designed to provide low cost IT resources through a single platform that is accessible to multiple users in an anytime-anywhere-any device format; this allows a shift in focus from large scale infrastructural needs and allocates more resources towards service oriented functions.

NGS Professional Services can help your business transform into a dynamic Cloud-based model with the following services:


We carry out a comprehensive analysis of your present organization structure and derive the necessary requirements needed in place to start your journey towards Cloud. Based on your organizational needs, we suggest the best Cloud technologies to be implemented as well as the IT applications you should host in the Cloud server. We give great significance to criteria such as utility, security, workload and financial factors when creating the perfect Cloud roadmap for your company.


We use authentic Cloud architecture references to establish the perfect Cloud structure for your organization, and to ensure that all the necessary standards, controls and performance expectations are met. Cost control is just as important to us as it is to you; hence we make sure that the planned architecture keeps within your allocated budget.


Moving to a Cloud-based system from a traditional one signals the transfer of an immense amount of business applications and data from your existing structure to the new one. This process is one that needs to be handled with utmost care and relevant expertise. We help you at every step in the process and make sure that your transition to Cloud is a smooth one whatever the scale of the data.


We help you in setting up effective Service Catalog Management systems that allow your business to have control over the access and usage of IT services that are available to your employees within the public Cloud system. The Service Catalog Management system also acts as a single point of all information regarding your IT resources and makes it easy to collect prime data such as resource spending, procurement statistics and maintenance statuses.