Data Centre Services

Our Comprehensive Data center solutions including transformation and systems management hosting and co-location services and building secure and energy efficient infrastructure environment.

Organizations are looking at ways to adapt new technology and cloud in the market today it is critical to deliver a seamless experience to IT consumers, independent of what hardware, software and cloud partners you align with. That’s why NGS works with a wide array of global partners, independent of their specific technologies and products.

Data Centre services enable a holistic approach to designing, transforming, and streamlining your data center operations for improved efficiencies across the enterprise.


We help you establish a flexible, resilient and secure data centre network through services such as auditing and evaluation, design and architecture, construction, implementation and migration. These services ensure adaptive and durable DC Interconnects, DC Network Fabrics, Storage Intersection, Network Orchestration and Network Virtualization, through Application Delivery and SDN controls and Cloud Integration.


Through our Access Network services which include network audit, evaluation, design, construction and implementation, we help you set up cost-effective and high performance wired LAN and wireless LAN networks. With our years of experience and knowledge, we are able to transform your wireless LAN systems to platforms that support rich media applications and real time location based services.


We provide WAN Transformation, Optimization and Re-engineering services, with the aim of optimizing cost and enhancing performance of WAN networks for organizations. Through our WAN services your organisation can benefit from lower bandwidth costs, improved efficiency and increased performance levels.

Server Room

IT equipment have certain power and cooling requirements that strictly need to be addressed in order to enable optimum performance.  Our team of specialists help you meet these requirements through the following offerings:

  • Data Centre and server room cooling and air conditioning
  • UPS systems and Generators
  • Fire suppression, Environmental monitoring
  • Footprint consolidation
  • Data Centre racks, PDUs, Cabling

Data Centre

Your organisation can enjoy various benefits through our Data Centre Consolidation services.

  • Greater efficiency, resulting in lower costs.
  • Flexibility; as the data centre can adapt to changing business requirements
  • Enhanced service output and improved system availability

With Data Centre Virtualization, your organisation can reduce expenditures considerably; a result of lower electrical, equipment, maintenance and licensing costs.

Data Centre

Data Centre Migration is a complex process that can affect an organisation in a highly negative manner if not performed using the right methodologies and skill sets. Since the data centre is at the core of all business operations, it is important to take utmost care when conducting a migration. Organisations in most cases don’t have the necessary experience and knowledge to conduct complex migrations. The right approach to take is appointing an external organisation that has expertise in migration procedures. We help you carry out data centre migration in the most efficient, secure and quick manner, using our years of experience, knowledge and skill sets in the field. We understand the risk that comes with migration very well, which is why we put in all our efforts to ensure that the process occurs as smoothly as possible.

Storage Area

Gaining better insights from the data enables businesses to have competitive advantages. We help you optimize and manage your storage infrastructure efficiently with offerings such as Software defined Storage, Data Virtualization, Cloud Agile. These solutions assist in accelerating business growth while reducing cost and maximizing performance with Flash Systems.
We start with a thorough assessment of your current infrastructure, applications, and business, after which we work with your team to construct and present a comprehensive and pre-tested architecture design and implementation plan for your storage environment.

These plans spell out the resources and timelines you’ll need to implement your project.

Our Storage Design services include:

  • Storage Efficiency and Optimization Service: Maximizes the business value of your storage investment. Gives you customized analysis and recommendations for improving your system’s uptime, performance, and storage efficiency.
  • Storage Design and Implementation Services: Helps you design and set up storage to meet availability and performance requirements for your enterprise applications.
  • Storage Performance Consulting Service: Optimizes performance, utilization, and expandability through real-time analysis across your storage infrastructure.
  • Storage Infrastructure Consulting Service: Helps increase productivity. Our experts evaluate and optimize your existing storage infrastructure for efficiency, performance, and reliability.

Through our comprehensive and effective solutions, our experts can assist you in each and every phase of the storage lifecycle.