This is the age of digital. Customers expect all their needs and wants to be met with the click of a button. If businesses want to reach their target market successfully and fight off competition, they have to make themselves present in the digital universe. Interactive websites, engaging social media pages and easy to use mobile applications are the way to the hearts and minds of today’s customers. Also with the wide range of tech gadgets used by people on a daily basis, it becomes crucial for businesses to create digital assets that are compatible with all device formats, as it is impossible to determine which device will be used when by the customer.

NGS can help your business establish a strong digital presence in the eyes of your target market through the following services:

Mobile & Web Application
Design and Development

We transport your business directly to the mobile screens of your target market by implementing effective mobile marketing solutions and building requirement based iPhone and Android applications. We design mobile solutions keeping in mind your exact needs as well as the expectations and basic psychology of your target market. We ensure that the mobile assets we create integrate seamlessly with your other digital marketing efforts.

We help your company/brand create a presence on the Web through a well designed and well executed website that engages your target customer and informs them about your products or services. We build websites in an organised process that starts with research and strategy, then moves on to design and production, launch, search engine ranking and maintenance. We ensure that we deliver the final website as per your requirements, in accordance with the time and budget decided upon.

Advertising & Digital

We help your business stand out by providing digital advertising solutions that are original, out of the box, attention grabbing and engaging. We write and develop creative advertising campaigns across all digital mediums; rich interactive display, innovative microsites, online and mobile games, promotions and competitions, and integrated social media campaigns.

Responsive Website
Design & Development

Consumers today don’t limit themselves to one device and they use multiple devices throughout the day; smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs. This means that businesses need to make themselves accessible through all these devices. We make this possible by creating a responsive website for your business that can be opened all these devices. Our team of expert web designers and developers ensure that your website is available for your customers in a consistent design and content format across a wide range of devices.

Content Management

We can equip your business website with an efficient Content Management System that will allow assigned users in your organisation to update content within the website, including but not limited to text, images or structure. A Content Management System gives your business full control over your website content and updates, making it possible to implement changes or additions when needed. We can develop a custom Content Management tool for your website or alternatively integrate an existing CMS tool such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc.