Managed Services

The successful running of a business depends on the effective management of all the different components that make up the organisation, which includes the IT infrastructure.

IT has become a part of almost all business processes, which makes it crucial to have a system in place that is only dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure; hence ensuring smooth functionality within the entire business.

IT management requires professionals with a specific set of knowledge and skills, but in most cases, businesses don’t have manpower with that kind of expertise. The perfect solution in this scenario is the outsourcing of IT management services to companies that are specialised in the field.

We can provide your business with the following Managed/IT Management Services:


Whatever your organisation’s server platform requirements may be, we are fully equipped to address it. We provide server design, deployment, migration and optimization services that are fully aimed at meeting your specific server performance needs. Our services help enhance the utility of your server, improve system accessibility and increase overall performance. Through our consolidation services, we centralize your core business applications and servers, helping you generate the maximum from your server infrastructure.


We help your organisation maintain an efficient and reliable storage infrastructure by providing a comprehensive range of storage management services. We assist you with tailor made storage solutions that will address the specific challenges you face. We work on your existing data infrastructure and enhance its performance and capabilities, and also ensure that the infrastructure is aligned seamlessly with all your business’s core functions. With us you can achieve the best from your storage infrastructure in a highly cost effective manner.


Our Network Management services cover a wide range of functions such as availability management, remote administration and monitoring, capacity planning, performance management, configuration management, technical troubleshooting and management report generation. We assist your business in the implementation of new network systems while also consolidating your existing network infrastructure. We also provide network maintenance services that include dealing with vendors directly regarding technical specifications or matters such as replacements.


We can equip your business with an integrated service desk that will act as a reliable point of communication between your organisation and its customers. We can provide service desk from Level 1 (Call logging) to Level 3 (System administration). With our service desk you can also address customer change requests, configuration management, availability management, incidents/complaints, and service requests.

End Point

Manage and supervise every desktop and laptop endpoint in your organisation with NGS’s best in class endpoint management solutions. Carry out business operations with the guarantee of a secure environment, where you have real time visibility and control over user’s endpoints. Our endpoint solutions are compliant with ISO20000 and ITIL-certified standards in IT Services Management.


We help you keep all your business-critical information safe using database management services that are comprehensive, quick and competent. We monitor your database continuously to detect and prevent any threats in advance. We address any emergencies that occur with quick response methods. Our database management service covers activities such as database architecture, capacity planning, implementation/installation, upgrades, and recovery. We support MySQL, Oracle, NoSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.