NGS follows a documented methodology to ensure it serves its clients as consistently and effectively. Moulded and constantly updated by our management team, this methodology, called CABS (Consult, Architect, Build and Support) lists out clear guidelines and procedures for delivering solutions, and partnering with clients to review and improve these solutions.

CABS is a complete methodology encompassing all types of projects—whether they involve the procurement of a packaged IT solution, implementation of best-of-breed solutions by integrating them with legacy systems, development of a new IT solution, or providing custom solutions. The focus and requirements of each phase are different and NGS has structured a methodology and an associated set of deliverables for services specific to each phase.

CABS addresses cultural change, communications, training and user impact as crucial elements in the management of the project and treats the project not as the implementation of a new technology, but as the migration of an organization from an old way of working to a new, more evolved functionality.

CABS recognizes that clients will sometimes utilize NGS services only for specific elements of a project and enables NGS to step onboard a project at any stage, and ensure a consistency of approach by consolidating elements of the project outside our control, into the overall framework.

This methodology covers the entire span of an IT Infrastructure Lifecycle, from inception to completion of a project.

The principles of CABS methodology, in combination with the principles of our project management approach, lead to a division of the process into following phases:

  • Requirement Analysis or CONSULT
  • High Level Design / Low Level Design or ARCHITECT
  • Construction and User Acceptance Testing or BUILD
  • Product Maintenance or SUPPORT

Our projects commence with workshops in order to meet key stakeholders and establish open channels of communication and information. This is a continuous process, in conjunction with the client, for assessing whether the project is on schedule, on target and on budget, and implementing remedial action where necessary to bring the project back in line. CABS does not end with project implementation. It continues throughout the lifetime of the project, enabling a continuous review of success and achievement of objectives.