NGS Recruit

The perfect solution to all your staffing and recruitment needs has arrived – NGS Recruit. A 360 degree, cloud based staffing application ecosystem that can be customized to suit the specific requirements of your recruitment company. The staffing solution is designed to integrate smoothly with your business infrastructure and also streamline multiple processes, resulting in efficiency and lower functional costs. Developed and deployed fully on the Salesforce platform, NGS Recruit is one of the leading providers of HR based apps in cloud.

With NGS Recruit, you will have access to the following services:



& Sales

Get the attention of the right candidates and clients for your recruitment company, by developing an effective marketing strategy using NGS Recruit’s marketing and sales tools. Benefit from comprehensive, organized and automated reports that will help you make quick, data-driven decisions, and steer you towards the right direction.

Staffing &

Handle all recruitment and staffing related procedures with ease using NGS Recruit. Expertly designed features such as candidate tracker and appointment scheduler simplify the entire recruitment process and ensure smooth functioning. Mobile and social media apps provide easy accessibility and facilitate faster communication.

Hiring &

NGS Recruit helps you conduct quick yet effective induction procedures that ensure selected candidates are well acquainted with the company and their job profile, in the shortest possible time.

NGS Recruit can be customized to suit the specific hiring and on-boarding processes followed by your organization, making certain that company practices are maintained.

Billing &

Simplify the often complex and tedious process of Accounts with NGS Recruit’s well organised, easy-to-use and automated financial tools. Whether it is payroll management, invoice generation or timesheet records, we have got it all covered with our exceptional range of accounting applications. With fast working speed, low risk of errors and detailed report generation, NGS Recruit proves to be the ideal accounting partner for your company.

Reporting &

Gain access to business critical information with NGSRecruit’s analytics tools.  Refer to detailed insights and statistics generated as easy- to-understand automated reports. Make informed, data driven decisions that will drive your business on the right path. All this with the option to customize the application as per your needs.

Mobile &
Social Apps

Create a win-win situation for you and your candidates by providing user friendly mobile and social apps through NGS Recruit. These apps will give candidates quick access to job listings and application forms, while you benefit from the option to send notifications and alerts, generating greater response rates.


International recruitments will not be a worry anymore with NGS Recruit. Yes, that’s right. We have developed user friendly apps that will allow you to carry out emigration based processes such as visa and permit applications easily, while ensuring all legal procedures are followed. Through these apps we help you reach a greater audience, which then increases the chances of you finding the right candidates.