Software Services

There is increasing pressure on businesses today to attend to customer needs just-in-time and just as they want without any scope of compromise. Businesses also have to pay careful attention to the intense competition surrounding them and various industry based changes. To survive and grow successfully in such an unpredictable scenario, organizations need to work hand in hand with efficient software systems that are built into the core of the business, allowing for agile, cost-effective, intelligent business processes and decisions.

NGS helps your business achieve peak performance in a demanding environment by providing the following Software services:

Business Analysis/

We help your business gain important insights and analytics needed to make critical business decisions by integrating high performance, effective business analysis/process software systems to your central applications. The software systems generate valuable information that facilitates goal driven operations that are more efficient, effective, cost saving and transparent. All business intelligence generated through the software systems are accessible anytime-anywhere-any device which makes decision making that much more faster and convenient. Such a system also documents each and every business action which can prove beneficial when analyzing past business decisions and preparing for future strategies.


In a scenario where business projects are continuously increasing in terms of risk, size, complexity and operational elements, it is highly important for businesses to invest in an efficient and agile Project/Program Management system that ensures smooth activation of large scale projects within the specified time limit and budget. We provide your business with Project Management Office (PMO) that aligns communication, coordination, techniques, budget and workforce specifically to your project demands and objectives. We use proprietary best practice solutions to ensure successful delivery of your projects without any compromise on quality and no disturbance to other operations and projects. Industry experienced professionals assist you from the start till the end with the singular aim of helping you achieve your business goals via the means of successful project roll-outs.

We can assist you with the following Project/Program management functions:

  • Project Management Office Development
  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Project/Program Methodology Development
  • Project/Program Planning, Review, and Recovery
  • Project Execution Planning
  • Project Quick Start
  • Risk Assessment
  • Project Controls
  • Project/Program Manager Leadership Development, Coaching, and Mentoring

Software Architecture and
Application Design

Software Architecture is an analysis based process that matches software functionality to the business’ requirements ensuring that the final software product created suits the exact needs of the business and represents the overall goals and objectives. Our team of highly skilled software developers unite their exceptional software architecture skills to your specific business requirements and pave the path for smooth and efficient business operations that are ready to face the rapidly evolving and unpredictable market environment.

The increasing demands and expectations of an ever-growing market require businesses to be largely digital organizations that run on the effective functioning of application systems which not only boost operational performance but also allow businesses to engage and interact seamlessly with its partners, customers, employees and other stakeholders. We provide your business with next generation application design, development and management services that result in business specific applications which facilitate high performance and agility along with improved flow of information and greater communication possibilities with stakeholders.

Quality Assurance
and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing has become of growing importance in a world where businesses have too many aspects to consider and the scope of any error is at its minimal. We understand the challenge and help businesses overcome it with a vast range of Quality Assessment and Testing services that are coupled with our years of experience in the field and our state-of-the-art resources. We take a comprehensive approach towards quality assessment and testing, wherein which we cover aspects such as overall quality assurance strategy of the business, maturity assessment and existing resources and testing infrastructure. With the information generated we are able to understand the specific requirements of your business from a quality assurance angle and we use that knowledge to help you establish a highly effective and reliable quality and testing system.

Mobile and Web

The mobile phone has become one of the most common mediums used by people across the world to access the Internet. It is predicted that soon, mobile phones will replace computers as the most used source to access the Web. With such rapidly changing trends, it is compulsory for any business to make itself available in a mobile friendly Web format. This means that a business website needs to be adapted to mobile-friendly navigation, content, layout and design. At NGS we are fully equipped to meet this need with the help of our highly skilled mobile and web developers who will effectively optimize your website to suit hand-held devices, allowing for an anytime-any device access to your website. This guarantees an increased reach towards your target market and also provides ease of access to all your stakeholders.

Our website development and design services help you communicate to your target market through the medium of a well planned, well designed and easy to use website that represents your business just as you would like it to and ensures a digital presence that is tied to achieving your business’ objectives and goals.

If you already have a website and need an upgrade - new look, additional features, improved content or better navigational capabilities, we can help you with that too.