Digital Risk Services

NGS Digital Risk Services

Unique selling point (USP)

  • 90% visibility in Darkweb and Cybercrime market.
  • 250Billion + compromised Records.
  • 15B OSINT pages scan daily.
  • 4 Billion IP scan daily including IPV4 and IPV6 in less than 24 hours.
  • 400+ Threat actor monitoring and TTP.
  • Global Sensor Network.
  • Dark & Deep Web monitoring
    Detect Tangible Intelligence: -
    - Compromised Credentials
    - Personal Information (PII data)
    - Third party breaches from the Dark and Deep Web monitoring and Intelligence Services
  • Cyber Crime Intelligence
    This includes information from underground forums, chat channels, cybercrime forum, public and private data breaches etc.
    - Cybercrime markets
    - Cybercrime forums
    - Ransomware forums
    - TOR, Onion and alternative networks
    - IRC Chat rooms
    - Telegram Chats
    - Mobile messaging Apps
    - Data dumped shared via P2P
    - Document sharing sites
    - Data leakage sites and repositories
    - Automated collection of new sources: deep crawling
    - Black market and criminal auction sites
    - Application stores
    - Paste sites
  • Threat Actors and Malware Operations Tracking
    Detailed report on 500+ threat actors and their TTPs, 850+ malware operations.
    - Private / Sensitive Documents relating to the business.
    - Hacking documents/tools specifically targeting client
    - Technical Information / Data that could be used to compromise corporate systems
    - Any other business-critical information that could not be classified as public.
  • VIP Monitoring
    - Alerts on specific intentions to target VIPs / Business owners based on a list provided by the company
    - Alerts on VIP / Business owners credentials leaked online
  • Cyber Crime Advisories
    Publish daily new vulnerabilities, Breaches, Advisory and IOCs.
    - Malware
    - Campaign
    - Threat Actor profiles
    - TTP's
    - IOCs per threat
    - Monitoring of APT-related activity
  • Fraud Intelligence (Cards related to Banks)
    - We detect bins and credit card’s breaches in over 85% of cybercrime markets, Cybercrime forums and Darkweb.
    - We are also having relationship with Few Fraud Intelligence units for data verifications. (Applicable for Banks only)
  • Incident Response
    NGS will help your organization during an incident crisis.
  • Attack Surface monitoring
    – Infrastructure Monitoring
    – Continuous Domain Monitoring
    – Exposed Sensitive codes leakage
    – Exposed cloud buckets
    – Malware and Malicious Infrastructure
    – Reverse malware Analysis
    – Remote Desktop monitoring for exposed Services like RDP
    – Risk Analyzer for client’s systems
  • Brand Monitoring
    - Fake URL Monitoring
    – Fake App Monitoring
    – Social Media
    – OSINT
    – Take down
  • API For SOC Integration
    We have API endpoints available which utilizes Open API specifications and can be integrated with any SIEM solutions.
  • Reporting
    Via Online Dashboard and inbuilt case management tool
  • Third Party Risk Scoring
    We will provide status of your vendors on their security posture as proactive measures.
    - Darkweb & Deep web
    - Technical & Vulnerability weakness
    - Data leakage
    - Social Media news
    - Own research
    - Comparison with other suppliers